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Monday, October 24, 2016

An Interview with Hercule Poirot - Snarkology Halloween Hop 2016

After the release of the first book, The Dead Man's Deal, two years ago, readers have wondered about one particular character, the great Hercule Poirot. I've decided to interview him, so we all can get a better insight into his wee mind. Keep reading to find out how to participate in the Snarkology Rafflecopter, or win a free copy of the latest book in the series.

Let me set the setting: I sit in a chair with my Samsung pad on my lap already displaying questions. Hercule, on his chair, stands most of the time, but scurries about occasionally when answering questions. It's a little unnerving.

Me: Greetings!
HP: Bonjour.
Me: (His French accent is quite thick.) Are you actually from France?
HP: Oui. I was born there. Only fitting I now live New Orleans, is it not? There are still some French speakers there. Especially among my kind.
Me: I'm glad you brought that up. For those who don't know you, how do you describe your kind to our readers?
HP: Benevolent. Important. Necessary.
Me: No, I meant, what are you?
HP: Un cafard.
Me: English, please.
HP: A cockroach.
Me: Wait, why benevolent, or important, or necessary? Most people find cockroaches disgusting.
HP: That is because they don't know us.
Me: Roaches are universal. Everyone knows them.
HP: Oui? Do we bite?
Me: Well, no—
HP: Do we sting?
Me: Okay, that's true—
HP: Do we spray you with skin-eating venoms?
Me: Ew!
HP: So, why the fear? It is misplaced. Face the fact, if we were covered in a pretty red shell with black polka-dots, just like the wee ladybug, you would adore us.
Me: Um, let's … move on.
HP: As you wish.
Me: I have some questions from fans I'd like to ask you. Leon from Edmunton, Alberta wants to know who's your favorite actor?
HP: What kind of question is that?! I'm a cockroach. I care not about actors.
Me: But he's a fan—
HP: Next!
Me: Here’s a good one for the holiday. Jennifer from Sunnyvale, California, wants to know what you’re wearing for Halloween this year.
HP: Hmmmm, let me think about this. Last year I went as a horse—
Me: You went as a horse?
HP: Mon dieu, of course not! Are all the baboons so gullible? I went as a cockroach. It is what I wear every year. Clearly, you primates are afraid of it, and it fits me perfectly. Next question. And this time, make it a good one.
Me: Okay, let me see, ah. Francine from Barcelona, Spain wants to know if you have any pets.
HP: (There’s uncomfortable silence for several moments.) Look at me. What could I possible have as a pet, hm? An ant? Or perhaps a flea?
Me: I'm just asking what people—
HP: Are they morons? What other kinds of questions do you have?
Me: Like, what's your favorite color? What's your favorite song—?
HP: These are insipid questions! Only monkeys would wonder about such nonsense. Ask me something important.
Me: (a bit flustered) I'm open to suggestions.
HP: Like, when will the new book come out?
Me: That's a good one. When will the new book come out—?
HP: Why are you asking me?! You wrote it!
Me: But you just … fine. The new book, The Cook’s Curse, will be out this November and available to purchase on Amazon.
HP: That didn't take long. What has it been, two years?
Me: It was a complicated process.
HP: Enough with the questions. I have something to announce regarding the new book.
Me: You do?
HP: Yes. I was given permission to offer a free copy to one of your readers.
Me: Excellent! How will that work?
HP: Just write in the comments below something clever, and I will pick someone at random. This I do by setting a one minute timer. Then I run around on a printout of the names until the timer goes off. Whoever I'm standing on when the bell rings is the winner.
Me: Sounds … disturbing. And a little gross.
HP: Once done, you send them a notice, and work out details.
Me: What format are you offering?
HP: Whatever format they choose. I would recommend a paperback, myself. It's more expensive.
Me: Thank you for that.

There you have it. Leave a comment below, including how best to contact you, and on November 1st Hercule will select one lucky winner to receive a free copy of the new book, The Cook's Curse.

Want more ways to win? 

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Thank you for visiting my imagination. Now, keep on hopping!

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Sneak Peak Time!

The wait is almost over. This November the second book in the Witherspoon Mansion Mysteries will be available for purchase on Amazon. ...THAT took forever.

Get ready for The Cook's Curse.

Want a free copy?

Starting October 26 this website will participate in the Snarkology Halloween Hop. If you enjoy fantasy reading -- and who doesn't?! -- I strongly encourage you to participate. There will be many raffles and give-a-ways, including HERE! Yes! Some lucky visitor will win a free copy of The Cook's Curse. Stop by here sometime between October 26 and October 31 to find out how!

New Book, New Cover! Let's all Oooo and Ahhhh!

I wanted the new book to have a certain look and feel, and I wanted it to match the old book. So, I found an amazing artist, Tim Neil, to do (and redo) the cover art for both books. I couldn't be more pleased. 

Tim is a local artist in New Orleans. We've worked together in the past, and that experience proved to me he was just the man to bring the mansion and its patrons into the future. His use of color is astounding!

Here's is the unveiling!

Just one more thing...

I will be giving away a small short story of events between the two books titled Troll Trouble. Details on how to get it will follow. Just watch this space!