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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

What I know – Or “useless Jax fax”

I've decided that, after 51 years of existing on this planet, I should share some of the lessons and facts I have had the fortune to learn.

Did you know that the Interstate system was originally called “National System of Interstate and Defense?” It was initially intended to easily move soldiers and military equipment all over the US, not Walmart trucks, as you suspected. In an interesting twist, the interstates are so populated in some places, military use is discouraged. Go figure.

Did you know that you can determine how close lightning is by counting out groups of four seconds? For every four seconds that pass, the lightning was 1 mile away. Give or take. So, if you see lighting, count to twelve, then hear the rumble, the lightning was about 3 miles away. If you see lightning, but don't get to start counting before you hear the deafening roar, GET INDOORS!!!

Did you know that there are 20 stages in the Tour of Frances (meaning 20 separate races on 20 different days), and that you can win the entire Tour but not win any of the stages? Seems unfair, doesn't it...

Did you know that eating a handful of nuts a day can reduce your risk of an early death? A recent study (http://epi.grants.cancer.gov/Consortia/members/nlcs.html) determined that eating 5 – 10 grams of nuts a day can reduce your risk by as much as 26%. Causes of death you could postpone included cancer, diabetes, and heart attacks. Missing, of course, was the risk of choking.

Tenderloin -- right here!
Did you know the worst neighborhood in San Francisco is called “The Tenderloin?” Seems odd, since you'd think the tenderloin, being considered the best piece of meat, would mean the area would be equally coveted. However, police given the task of walking that beat demanded more pay, due to the greater risk. Therefore, they could afford to eat tenderloin. Get it?

Did you know the best way to clean water spots off of your bathroom mirror or glass shower door was “quad-naught” steel wool? That's 0000 Steel wool, the finest and softest available. Keep in mind that the surface should be completely dry to use, but nothing is more effective. Note: it's got to be 0000 – anything courser will scratch the hell out of the glass!

Did you know you can cure the hiccups by pulling on your tongue? The very nerve that attaches to your diaphragm, the one that spasms and causes hiccups, is also attached to your tongue. Pulling on that small muscle “tickles” the nerve a bit, allowing it to calm down. Go on, give it a try next time. Just be sure to wash your hands... before and after!

Did you know that someone put together every possible plot motivation, character types, and audience reaction into one periodic table of elements? Presenting the Periodic Table of Storytelling! (http://www.designthroughstorytelling.net/periodic/) To see it in action, please visit Melissa Snark's Elementary Storytelling series on her blog. You can even see The Dead Man's Deal molecule!

Got any interesting facts you've learned and want to share? Feel free to comment below.